CreateM3U 0.1.1

Screenshot Create .m3u playlists with drag&drop of files and folders. For each folder a single .m3u file is created named after this folder. It will not replace already existing playlists of that name. The generated playlists do not contain EXTM3U information because a simple .m3u is nothing more than a text file with a list of file names per line. The initial tool for this task for me was a batch file ;-) As the generated playlists only include filenames without any path, as they are located along with the media files, they can be moved together with the files, for example for portable mp3 player usage.

Drag files and folders onto compiled CreateM3U.exe (or a shortcut to it). This is limited, you can double click to open a window with an less limited drag and drop area instead.
There are limits on submitting file/folder names to the program using drag&drop. AutoIt is limited to 64 (in former versions to 99) parameters and the total length of command line is limited through operating systems (I *guess* about 2000 chars before XP, about 4000 with XP or later) - a limit hit very easy, as every file is part with full path. As I cannot handle the system limit in program as it will not be called in case I included an alternative way to submit files/folders to the program: Starting it without drag&drop will open a window offering a "drop zone" without alike limitations. AFAIK the limit of this area is about 32 kbyte, which should be mostly enough. (See forum)

CreateM3U 0.1.1 (219.2 KB) dated 2006-10-14
Thorsten Duhn

AutoIt 3 AutoIt
Even with AutoIt installed you cannot drop directly to .au3 script. As workaround create a batch with this line: [AutoIt3.exe] [CreateM3U.au3] %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
where [*] are replaced with full paths (without []) and you are limited to nine files/folders to drop.
Known bugs:
To do:


0.1.1 (2006-10-14)
      - Bugfix:  Incorrect line break at end of file (@LF instead of @CRLF)
      - Misc:    Updated AutoIt compiler (from beta)
0.1.0 (2006-05-29)
      - Feature: GUI file drop box
                 (as reaction to command line limitations, read above)
      - Misc:    A bit cleanup...
0.0.2 (2006-05-21)
      - Feature: Progress bar while working
      - Bugfix: Avoid possibility of directory junction loops
                (checks directory depth, on depth of 128 directories
                 recursion is stopped)
      - Bugfix: Creation of empty filelists 
                (for an empty array $array[0] is "0")
0.0.1 (2006-05-18) - Initial release